What is Goalpilot?
Goalpilot is a New York based SaaS company that is on a mission to enable innovative people and companies to reach their goals with software that is not only efficient, but also fun for the people who are using it.
Our Story
In 2018, we started Goalpilot as a side project because we wanted to build a better productivity system for ourselves that would enable us to achieve more in less time. After going through dozens of ideas and iterations on how to build a perfect productivity system, we finally cracked the code.

Over a one-year period, with thousands of hours invested in concepts and programming, what started out as just an idea, started to become reality. We immediately started using Goalpilot internally to speed up our own development efforts which helped us to get to the point we are at today. As more and more friends asked for access to our closed beta, we knew that we were on the right track to build something great.

In June 2019, Goalpilot Inc. was founded by Achim Enthaler and Thomas Weustenfeld as a SaaS-company, headquartered in New York.
Co-Founders Thomas Weustenfeld and Achim Enthaler posing for the camera during a productive multi-day coding workshop
Our Team
Goalpilot is a privately owned company with locations in the United States and Germany. Our team has a deep technical background in web technologies and many years of experience in project management, team collaboration and marketing for successful large-scale enterprises.

As Goalpilot continues to scale, we're looking for highly talented people in software development, sales and marketing to join us. We offer attractive compensation packages and the ability to work remotely. Contact us!
Our Mission
Enabling innovative people and companies to advance progress and reach their goals.
Our Philosophy
We work hard every day to make others people's work easier. We strive for innovation. We prioritize simplicity and ease of use. We value the feedback of our customers. We always go the extra mile. We follow our vision. We never stop to improve.

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