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Tired of working entire days and weeks with very little progress?

Goalpilot Plus is a personalized 1:1 service that helps you stay productive.
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Goalpilot Plus

Fox 6 x 45 minutes / week

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Daily personal video calls with a Goalpilot Plus Mentor
Set and discuss daily and weekly goals
Achieve a higher level of accountability
Check-Ins Available Monday - Friday
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The productivity boosting effects of Goalpilot Plus

1Setting daily goals
Dayplanning with Goalpilot Productivity Planner - Plan your day with Goalpilot!
Those who play on a higher level, plan and achieve their daily goals. Regular sessions with your Goalpilot Plus Mentor will make sure that you stay on track.
2Getting the things done
By committing daily goals to yourself and your Goalpilot Plus Mentor, you feel a sense of urgency, that is often missing in people that struggle with productivity.
3Sticking to your plan
How can I become that person? Avoid having entire days and weeks with very little progress. Your daily check-ins will be an important part of your new you that sticks to your plan.
Goalpilot Productivity Mentor will help you make sure
to set and achieve daily goals, that will push you forward.
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Day planning software included for FREE!

Powerful task management + visual day planner

Here's how it works:
Plan your day in less than 3 minutes
logo Powerful Day Planner
logo Breaking down tasks
logo Custom Templates
logo Team Projects
logo Pre-plan your week
✓ Included for free
✓ Unlimited To-Do Lists
✓ Unlimited Team Members

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Productivity affects your life in more ways than just your business
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Extreme Procrastination
Cycle of procrastination and self-guilt

Frequently asked questions

When can I get started with my Daily Productivity Coaching?
You can start scheduling your first sessions immediately.
Do you offer company discounts?
Yes. If you have a company and want to help your employees boost their productivity, please get in touch with us.
Do I have to use the Goalpilot software to plan my day?
While we recommend Goalpilot as the easiest way to plan your day, it is not required for Productivity Coaching. You can use your paper todo-list and any sofware as long as it helps you get things done.
How do you handle privacy?
The privacy of our clients is extremely important to us. All sessions are between you, your Productivity Coach, and nobody else. All coaches are required to sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) before talking to clients.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, you are ever not 100% satisfied with your session, we'll make sure that you get another session for free or your money back for that session.
Any other questions?
Schedule a free Discovery Call. We'd love to hear them.

Ok I'm pretty sure I want to give this a try. How do I get started?

✓ Grab a time from our calendar
✓ No credit card required