With Goalpilot you are in control of your day

Goalpilot combines powerful task management with visual day planning. With Goalpilot you can divide your projects into manageable chunks and then plan each day effortlessly.

Goalpilot bridges the gap between task and time management.

Plan your day with ease

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment

There is nothing better than making a plan and following it through. Everything you checked off is right in front of you, whether it be one hour toward your long term goal, or filing the taxes that you kept so long on the back burner!

In case you didn’t finish something, no problem. Tasks you don't finish today can easily be moved to tomorrow, so you can pick up right at where you left off.

Goalpilot grows with you

Start simple, and only use advanced features when you need them.

To-Do lists

Goalpilot isn’t just for projects. Running an errand for your partner? It goes on the to-do list.


Templates are great for designing your perfect morning routines. You can come up with your own system from reusable building blocks.


A project is something big that you or your team wants to achieve. Use this function to effortlessly manage the multiplicity of steps involved and team members.

More features

Powerful day planner

Plan everything you do. Prioritize your work day by day. Set small goals for what you want to accomplish each day. We made the day planner as easy as possible, so planning your day is fun and rewarding.

Long term scheduler

Connect goals to daily progress. Keep track of how much time you spend on your projects. Make room for things that are important to you. Easily see if you’re overburdening yourself with too many things.

Customizable design

Make it your own, by choosing from motivating background pictures, selecting your favorit color and chosing from hundreds of beautiful icons for your taskslists.

Real-time team projects

Manage team tasks in a Kanban Board. Edit projects with co-worker in real-time. See what the rest of your team is working on.


Attach files and notes to tasks. There is no limit to the storage you use or number of file you attach.


Chat with your friends or co-workers. You can even send tasks via the chat system.

Productivity statistics

Productivity statistics give you insight how you’re doing every day. By competing against yourself it becomes easy to improve by a little bit every day.

Pomodoro built-in

Stay focused and in the flow, by limiting the time you give to a task. In fact, not justs tasks but everything in Goalpilot is time-based.

Habit tracker

Coming soon

Create and maintain good habits, allowing you to achieve your long-term goals.

Google integration

Keep track of your tasks and calendar in one place. Goalpilot syncs with Google Calendar so you can plan with your existing appoitments.

Mobile app

Coming 2020

Please stay tuned, we’re working on a mobile app and plan to release it in 2020. You can speed up things by supporting us on Patreon.

Something missing?

You miss an important feature? Just email us at info@goalpilot.com or join the Goalpilot Discord community. We would love to hear from you!

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  • Using the dayplanner for beginners
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Since we started using Goalpilot our sales has trippled. I first experience a flow state and then pure exctasy. What a life changer.
— James Clear, Author of the NYT bestseller, Atomic Habits
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