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Goalpilot grows with you

Start simple, and only use advanced features when you need them.

To-Do lists

Goalpilot isn’t just for projects. Running an errand for your partner? It goes on the to-do list.


Templates are great for designing your perfect morning routines. You can come up with your own system from reusable building blocks.


A project is something big that you or your team wants to achieve. Use this function to effortlessly manage the multiplicity of steps involved and team members.

Goalpilot helps you create your very own productivity system to get the results you need, every single day.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Goalpilot for free?
Goalpilot is completely free for personal use. It includes unlimited to-do lists and all the advanced day planning features you need to plan your day with Goalpilot.
Can I use Goalpilot in my business?
Yes absolutely. Goalpilot is a great tool to supercharge your business productivity, especially at the workplace. Goalpilot can be licensed for commercial use with Goalpilot Pro.
Is there a mobile app?
Goalpilot is optimized for laptops and desktop computers. In not too far future, there will also be a mobile version of Goalpilot.
Can I share tasks with friends and colleagues?
Yes! You can share projects and tasks with family members, friends, co-workers and more.
Does Goalpilot work on Windows, macOS or Linux?
Yes. Goalpilot works on any laptop and desktop computer with a modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
Why should I use Goalpilot?
You've already got all the knowledge you need to get started! You know you want to. And nobody can stop you :)

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.“

James Clear, Author of the NYT bestseller, Atomic Habits

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✓ Free forever
✓ Unlimited To-Do Lists
✓ Unlimited Team Members